Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the wonderful mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day from the USpakMe team!!!



Popularity is a “kiss of death.”

Michael Kors has been rapidly expanding, but recently its revenue has been decreasing by a growing 34%. What could be the reason behind this drastic drop? Read more details here.


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Oculus to Launch in 2016


Oculus VR’s long road to store shelves is going to be a little longer than some had hoped.

The virtual reality company, which Facebook bought for $2 billion last year, announced Wednesday that it plans to launchits headset device in the first quarter of next year.

Oculus has high hopes for virtual reality, saying in its announcement that the technology would “transform gaming, film, entertainment, communication and much more.”

The launch is a seminal moment for the video game industry, and for the high-flying startup. Until now, most virtual reality technology has come in the form of prototypes and development devices shown at trade shows and high-profile announcements.


These Tacos were Loco

Recently ate at Taco Asylum (http://www.tacoasylum.com) at The Camp in Costa Mesa and appreciated their establishment. I really like this restaurant because of what they bring to the table which is a modern twist  on a great Mexican dish, which is the taco, as well as providing craft beers and their specialty bottled hot sauces at a great location (The Camp; http://thecampsite.com). The execution of this was well done and there were small details that really made the difference. It was an enjoyable experience, our waiter was really friendly, but in terms of value I feel like it wasn’t all there. The tacos were small especially the carne asada tacos, they barely had any meat and they cost three dollars plus so I wasn’t to satisfied with them but that’s probably because I’m used to getting my tacos from carnicerias (butcher shops) or taco stands in LA where they cost 2 dollars and are double the quantity. Maybe if they had sourced their meat from grass fed cows and pasture raised pigs, along with having local small farm ingredients and heirloom corn tortillas, then I would have been fine with the price but that wasn’t the case. Regardless this was a fun experience with some interesting flavors and good ambiance. Definitely check it out if you are looking for an afternoon snack!FullSizeRender 7

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Captain Marvel: A Shero We’ve All Been Waiting For!

Although a long way from the expected release date in 2018, “Captain Marvel” is great news to the empowerment of females in the film industry and everywhere. The world needs more female superheroes to look up to that are not sexualized in their role. Rumor also has it that Angelina Jolie will direct the film! Good job Marvel Studios. We are heading in the right direction in helping close the gender gap and give the world a strong female to admire.Captain Marvel

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Upcoming FREEbie Holidays

All you bargainers probably already knew and hopefully took advantage, but yesterday the popular Mexican fast food chain Taco Bell offered its Biscuit Taco for FREE from 7 am – 11 am. If you missed out on this opportunity, do not worry, because the bargainer that we all have inside us, this blog is all about important dates! These are some dates in the next three months in which you can help keep your wallet fat, and perhaps you too…



First Friday – National Donut Day: Need we say anything else? Go ahead and pick up a donut from either Dunkin Donut or Krispy Kreme.


June 10 – Iced Tea Day: Vendors like 7-Eleven and even Teavana offer free iced tea. 7-Eleven offers a free bottle of Snapple Iced Tea, but Teavana tops that with one of their special and delicious iced teas.

 iced tea


Varies – Cow Appreciation Day @Chick-fil-A:  This one is a fun one. Want a free whole Chick-fil-A meal?? Dress up head to toe as a cow and you will get one! Not as radical? Just dress up partially and just get an entrée. Either way, you’ll have fun doing it.


July 11 – Free Slurpee Day: In the midst of the summer heat, 7-Eleven comes to the rescue with a free Slurpee celebrating 7-Eleven’s birthday.


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