Starbucks: The New S’mores Frappuccino


Starbucks just recently revealed its new S’mores Frappuccino®. This new drink claims to include the basic elements that make up a traditional S’more: gooey milk chocolate, marshmallow, and crunchy honey-graham cracker crumbles. I for one am the biggest S’mores fan and of course had to go ahead and try this new drink, so today I went out and did just that.

The result? The actual drink itself looked nothing like it does in the picture above, so from the beginning I was a little reluctant about what it would actually taste like. Could it have been that the barista was not yet well trained to make this drink and therefore did not meet the proper appearance? Maybe; the drink did just make its appearance a few days ago across local Starbucks locations. Once I took a sip of the drink though, it was as if I took a bite out of a freshly made S’more cookie. The milk chocolate and the marshmallow at the bottom of the drink blend perfectly with the taste of mocha. I am usually not the biggest fan of whipped cream, but for this drink I was surprisingly satisfied; it consisted of a creamier texture that was like the cherry on top to this delicious drink. So for the final verdict, if you are a chocolate lover or a S’more lover, I would highly recommend it.

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