To outsiders, UC Irvine is reviewed to be bland and boring. However to the eyes of the students, the “life of the party” is simply hidden away. It’s time to showcase what UC Irvine really has to offer.

Author’s Review: Today, social media users are attracted to images. If you are looking for an interactive blog with fun pictures and constant posts, this may be the blog for you! 

UCI Escape

Looking for an “escape” from the stresses of reality, work or school? Check out the latest and greatest music, vacation spots, deals and cuisine weekly here so you can plan your next adventure!

Author’s Review: With a vast variety of topics and catchy consistent themes, this blogs can bring you the best from tips and tricks around Irvine, to tips for traveling around the world. Not only is this blog full of enjoyable pictures, it is also rich in content!

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“Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost”

Author’s Review: Want to travel to amazing locations around the world don’t know where to get started? This blog can help you plan your trip by bringing to your attention the best places to eat and best places to visit while on your adventure around the world. 


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