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These Tacos were Loco

Recently ate at Taco Asylum (http://www.tacoasylum.com) at The Camp in Costa Mesa and appreciated their establishment. I really like this restaurant because of what they bring to the table which is a modern twist  on a great Mexican dish, which is the taco, as well as providing craft beers and their specialty bottled hot sauces at a great location (The Camp; http://thecampsite.com). The execution of this was well done and there were small details that really made the difference. It was an enjoyable experience, our waiter was really friendly, but in terms of value I feel like it wasn’t all there. The tacos were small especially the carne asada tacos, they barely had any meat and they cost three dollars plus so I wasn’t to satisfied with them but that’s probably because I’m used to getting my tacos from carnicerias (butcher shops) or taco stands in LA where they cost 2 dollars and are double the quantity. Maybe if they had sourced their meat from grass fed cows and pasture raised pigs, along with having local small farm ingredients and heirloom corn tortillas, then I would have been fine with the price but that wasn’t the case. Regardless this was a fun experience with some interesting flavors and good ambiance. Definitely check it out if you are looking for an afternoon snack!FullSizeRender 7

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Postmates: A Review

Postmates has recently been growing, especially in your typical college towns where many students lack access to transportation or experience time constraints during peak study periods. For those who have not heard of Postmates, they specialize in delivering goods to consumers locally. Postmates has been compared to Uber due to its extensive use of mobile devices to receive and dispatch delivery drivers. It offers free delivery to first time customers who use the promo code MUT8 in their online order. For weeks my roommates have been pushing me to try out their services, so this week I decided to give them a chance. I decided to go with the Habit Burger Grill and placed a simple order through Postmates (a typical cheeseburger and fries on the side). Placing the order itself was very easy, signing up with Postmates took less than three minutes and once I submitted my payment information my order was placed in less than 10 minutes. The total time it took them to deliver my food? One hour fifteen minutes. On top of that, the driver was unable to find the location of my apartment so I had to walk across the housing community to pick up my food at the leasing office (so much for food at your doorstep right?). Considering I received free delivery for being a first time customer, I would rate Postmates as “Okay”, however I don’t think I would pay the regular $10 delivery charge in a similar instance.

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