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Oculus to Launch in 2016


Oculus VR’s long road to store shelves is going to be a little longer than some had hoped.

The virtual reality company, which Facebook bought for $2 billion last year, announced Wednesday that it plans to launchits headset device in the first quarter of next year.

Oculus has high hopes for virtual reality, saying in its announcement that the technology would “transform gaming, film, entertainment, communication and much more.”

The launch is a seminal moment for the video game industry, and for the high-flying startup. Until now, most virtual reality technology has come in the form of prototypes and development devices shown at trade shows and high-profile announcements.


Postmates: A Review

Postmates has recently been growing, especially in your typical college towns where many students lack access to transportation or experience time constraints during peak study periods. For those who have not heard of Postmates, they specialize in delivering goods to consumers locally. Postmates has been compared to Uber due to its extensive use of mobile devices to receive and dispatch delivery drivers. It offers free delivery to first time customers who use the promo code MUT8 in their online order. For weeks my roommates have been pushing me to try out their services, so this week I decided to give them a chance. I decided to go with the Habit Burger Grill and placed a simple order through Postmates (a typical cheeseburger and fries on the side). Placing the order itself was very easy, signing up with Postmates took less than three minutes and once I submitted my payment information my order was placed in less than 10 minutes. The total time it took them to deliver my food? One hour fifteen minutes. On top of that, the driver was unable to find the location of my apartment so I had to walk across the housing community to pick up my food at the leasing office (so much for food at your doorstep right?). Considering I received free delivery for being a first time customer, I would rate Postmates as “Okay”, however I don’t think I would pay the regular $10 delivery charge in a similar instance.

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